Medication Management Program

Do you often confuse which medication is which? Are you tired of all the guess work involved when taking different doses at different days? There has to be an easier way to ensure that you’re taking the right pill on the right day at the right time – just like what was prescribed for you.

At MedlyCare, our specialized Medication Management Program is tailored to the unique needs of each patient. The participating pharmacy will pack and seal your medications in conveniently labeled packaging which tells you time, medication name and what day you need to take them.

Calendarized Packaging

Study after study over the last 20 years point to poor medication adherence in America as being the primary cause for 125,000 deaths annually (342 people every day) and an estimated 10% – 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions.

The use of modern packaging solutions, including patient prompting, also known as compliance-prompting or calendarized packaging, are a successful option for improving patient adherence.

MedlyCare Network pharmacies offer a variety of popular packaging systems, in combination with a reliable notification system, to bring a sound medication management program into common use.

MedlyCare Mission Statement

MedlyCare is a managed service organization devoted to improving all aspects of patient quality of care with the use of advancements in technology and through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, patients, pharmacies, and loved ones.