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Regardless of age and no matter how smart we maybe, if you’re taking multiple medications, medication adherence is a problem we all face. MedlyCare was founded by a group of healthcare specialist with various backgrounds in the healthcare field such as practicing physicians on the frontline, Medical Officers for managed care plans and owners or administrators of healthcare service or payers.

With our overall backgrounds it has given us a sharp vision and keen understanding of what has been called a $300 Billion dollar problem. Each year we have seen a countless number of people die from the simple fact that they didn’t take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. These unnecessary fatalities were no doubt preceded by emergency room visits and hospitalizations which resulted in costing families not only financially but emotionally as well. All of which could have been avoided with proper medication adherence.

The healthcare community has come to realize that the current medication dispensing practices which have gone largely unchanged in the last 50 years needs to be modernized. In this time the norm has been to dispense medication in an amber vial. Although some pharmaceutical companies issue some medications in calendarized compliance-prompting packages this is not always the case. Think about it, has there ever been a time that you opened you amber vial to take a pill and asked yourself, “Did I already take this?” or, “Am I suppose to take this one now or the other one?’ and no matter how hard you try you can’t remember? Medication Adherence is not just a problem for the aged, it’s a problem for us all.

This is exactly why Medlycare was founded; to make Medication Adherence simple and easy for all patients taking prescription medication. If you or a loved one takes more than one pill once a day then MedlyCare is the right choice for you. In combination with a select network of pharmacies that provide calendarized compliance prompting packaging we offer a proprietary software system which reminds, monitors and generates reports that can dramatically assure the likelihood of Medication Adherence for all members through our Medication Management Program.

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