MedlyCare Medication Management Program

MedlyCare is a healthcare management system which concentrates on medication management programs. Through a unique network of providers and services employing the latest technologies, MedlyCare offers the healthcare consumer an easy and effective way to achieve adherence to their prescribed medication regimen. This means better health and reduced costs.

Medlycare is unique in that it combines virtually all viable calendarized or compliance prompting packaging systems available with a reliable notification system that employs text messaging to prompt the patient, involve the caretaker when necessary and confirm and document compliance with reports to the prescriber and the dispensing entity.

The MedlyCare Medication Management Program (MMP) is a seamless system that offers the medication takers an easy way to comply with their doctor’s orders. The calendarized, compliance prompting packaging systems offer a simple way of discerning when and what medication is to be taken. The text reminder system markedly increases the probability of compliance and the reports to the prescriber and the dispenser allow for timely intervention. The MedlyCare Medication Management Program puts us well on the way to solving that $300 Billion problem.

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